RUQOA is a versatile music artist whose creative musical style has captivated many around the world. His music encompasses a variety of genres including electro house, progressive house, future house, and orchestra, characterized by his unique blend of vibrato lead, marimba, pitch bend, and xylophone.

Born in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, and currently residing in Gangwon Province, RUQOA uploaded his first album 'Utopia' to SoundCloud in October 2017 under his name. Since then, he has been occasionally active on SoundCloud.

His notable works include 'Love Letter', 'Neverland', 'Lemonade'
he has released several albums and EPs, creating music across a range of genres.

RUQOA's music not only showcases his unique style and creativity but also inspires us through his passion and dedication. Through his music, we experience a new world, and through his creative abilities, we discover new possibilities.


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